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A Passage in Time: An historic trip through the harbour town of Passage West in Co. Cork

A Passage In TimeBy Angela Sweeney


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Written for the people of Passage by an author from Passage West, A Passage in Time was published in November 2006 in limited edition hardback. Retailing at €26.99, it is available from the following outlets:


Train at StationThe Shamrock Shop, Passage West

Movieland, Back Street, Passage West

Gala Supermarket, Passage West

Greenacres Vegetable Shop, Strand Street, Passage West

Stella's Shop, Lucia Place, Passage West

Xpress Shop, Monkstown

Shamrock Shop, Shanbally

Rochestown Auto Centre, Rochestown

Porters, Douglas Court Shopping Centre

St. Mary's ChurchHills Newsagents, Douglas Shopping Centre

Douglas Book Shop, Douglas Shopping Centre

Easons, Patrick Street, Cork

Angela Sweeney, 19 Pembroke Row, Passage West. Tel: 021-4841627




To appreciate the present, one must understand the past. For that reason, the history of a locality is an integral part of every community. A Passage in Time is a long-awaited all-encompassing history of Passage West and its hinterland. Spanning almost two hundred years, it discusses the railway, river traffic, the Passage West Dockyard, the Sisters of Mercy, Mount St. Joseph’s Orphanage and all the schools, past and present.


Although an accurate amalgamation of published material relating to Passage West, A Passage in Time is more than a literature review. While valuable as such, it is most valuable in portraying daily life in Passage West over the last two hundred years. Richly supported by lively anecdotal information from local sources, these were times when the streets of Passage West resounded to the clamour of shipbuilding, when the ferry to Carrigaloe was little more than a rowing boat, when the wealthy regarded the air of Passage West as a health-giving tonic and when the town’s principal water Men Fishingsupply was a single pump.


More than just a history, A Passage in Time includes a pull-out map and a comprehensive walking tour of Passage West and its hinterland. Past and present meet in a fascinating description of each neighbourhood and each item of heritage from Rochestown to Glenbrook. Supported by photographic illustrations throughout, this tour will bring a new understanding of the extraordinary story that is the development of Passage West to this present day.


Tug of WarA Passage in Time will enrich the lives of all those who read it. It is a must-have for the historian, for those with an interest in Cork’s Lower Harbour and for those resident in Passage West and its hinterland.







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